complete warm-up routine

Your physical education teacher, or gymnastics teacher, depends on the fifth to which you belong, I repeated it again and again: before playing, you have to warm up. Many amateur athletes skip the warm up because they find it boring or a waste of time and prefer to start with their sport of sopetón. And of course, as the body is not prepared, muscle injuries occur.

The human being is like an old coffee machine that needs to increase in temperature little by little to perform at its best. No matter what activity you are going to practice, even for a simple walk you need a good general warm-up. It is not necessary to make rare movements, with a routine of simple exercises that will not take more than 15 minutes will be enough, although there are some sports that require a specific warm-up. We must not forget that.

General warming is divided between joint mobility exercises and dynamic exercises. The former prepare the joints and muscles and the latter activate the body by raising the pulse. Below we propose 10 so you can perform a complete warm-up routine.

Joint mobility warming exercises

  1. Rotation of the ankles: with the pointed toe, raised in the air or supported on the ground, the joint is rotated to the left and to the right. Ideally, make this displacement 30 seconds for each side.
  2. Knee movement: with the feet and knees together and slightly bent, a movement will be made from front to back. To make it more comfortable you can rest your hands on your thighs or knees.
  3. Circles with the hip: if you know how to dance the Hula Hoop, you know how to do this. With the hands on the waist, we rotate the hip to one side and another. Enough with 30 seconds in each direction.
  4. Lifting arms: it is about raising the arm as much as possible while lowering the other.
  5. Affirmation and denial: to warm the neck muscles, nothing better to say yes and no. Gently, the gesture of denial and affirmation will be made. First one and then the other, or vice versa.

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Dynamic exercises

  1. Knees up:it is a typical athletic exercise that in addition to heating is used to improve the technique. It’s about running by raising your knees a lot, with a high frequency, and moving a little.
  2. Jump by opening and closing legs:standing, with arms and legs together, take a leap by opening the arms crossed and the legs at shoulder height.
  3. Walking by moving arms:this exercise is very simple, but effective. You have to walk by moving your arms up and down or forward and backward.
  4. Heels to the ass:it is very similar to skipping (knees up), but instead of raising the knees you have to jog raising the heels towards the gluteus.
  5. Running backwards:retrorunning is not running like in the 60s, it is running backwards. And although there are races and even world championships that are played like this, running on your back is a perfect warm-up exercise.