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What are cookies?

We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website. Cookies are small information files that allow us to compare and understand how our users browse our website, so as to improve the browsing process. The cookies we use do not store any personal information or any type of information which could identify you. If you do not want to receive cookies, please change the settings in your internet browser so that it deletes them from your computer’s hard drive, blocks them or warns you whenever they are being installed. To continue without changing the cookie settings, simply continue using the website. For more information on cookies and their use, see

What type of cookies does this website use?

Analytical cookies

These are the cookies managed by us which allow us to quantify the number of users and therefore carry out statistical measures and analysis of how our website is used. To achieve this, your browsing is analysed so that we can improve our features.

Session cookies

Session cookies allow users to be recognised on the website, in a way that any changes made are maintained while you are browsing on the website. In this way, you will not be asked for any information you have given previously. The most common example of this is the shopping basket function on any e-commerce site (online shop). When you visit a page of a catalogue and you select some items, the session cookie will remember your selection so that when you come to make the payment, your shopping basket will contain your selected items. Without session cookies, if you click on CHECKOUT, the new page would not recognise your previous activity on the previous pages and your shopping basket would always be empty.

How to desactivate cookies

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer in a simple way, using your web browser’s settings:

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If you use a different browser, please see the specific documentation for your browser. If you would like more information about data privacy, see our Privacy Policy. Política de Privacidad.