What is a heat effect cream for

Thermal therapies have been used to relieve muscle aches and sports injuries since ancient times. And in that ancestral knowledge, there is the origin of modern heat effect creams.

These ergogenic products have multiple positive properties. The most important is its vasodilator capacity. When a heat effect cream is applied to the skin, blood circulation is stimulated, which oxygenates sore or damaged muscles and regenerates them. In this way, small contractures that occur after high intensity exercise can be alleviated and, at the same time, prevent possible injuries.

In strength sports such as crossfit, powerlifting or calisthenics, for example, these creams take care of the forearms, elbows, shoulders, lower back, thighs and knees. All of them, key points involved in the main movements of these activities.

heat massage cream

You can take full advantage of the creams of heat effect at the time of heating. Due to their vasodilator effects, they serve to increase the temperature in localized areas. It is really useful to focus attention on those places where an injury has occurred or who want to take care with special suspicion.

For those who find it difficult to warm up, they serve as an excuse to make a good warm-up before exercising. It is best to create a routine: first apply the cream in a target area, and then begin with mobility exercises. If it is repeated over and over again, the routine will become a habit.

Before the cold, these sports gels are worth their weight in gold. In those months in which the mercury of the thermometer never rises and does not feel like going out, there is nothing like putting a little cream to activate the body. It is the easiest way for them to feel like training.

Do not limit its use to sports activity. Heat therapies are not exclusive. They serve to mitigate the pain caused by the natural passage of the years or diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Creams of heat effect can make the symptoms of these diseases more bearable.